Topo Satis

Benchmark and optimize your offer

  • Do consumers instinctively mention your brand?
  • Which competitors do they compare you with?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of your current products?
  • What improvements can be made to your services?

Your permanent challenge is to satisfy your current consumers and also to gain new ones.
Topo Lab tells you how consumers perceive your products and those of your competitors.

Image / reputation
Top of Mind


Net Promoter Score

Our researches evaluate your offer so that consumer satisfaction remain at the core of your activity.
Our warning and benchmark system detects the strengths you should keep nurturing but also the weaknesses emphasized by consumers for immediate action.

Our conclusions will allow you to define and prioritize your action plan, please current consumers and entice new ones.

  • Do you know if your products are available on store shelves?
  • Where exactly are your products located in the shelf? Does it comply with the merchandising plan?
  • Are your POS materials properly installed and executed?
  • How many actual facing displays do you have?
  • What is your ND (numeric distribution) in food and specialized mass market retailers?

We conduct store checks and tell you how visible your products are.
Topo Lab assesses how well displayed your products are and comes up factual conclusions about your store implementation.

Store Check

Price Check

We help enhancing your knowledgeability about your distribution (both qual and quant). We collect information about your products and those of your competitors:

  • Price
  • Product location
  • Visibility
  • POS items
  • Out of stock…

Our interviewer network covers the whole country and may perform interviews and checks in various outlets: mass market, DIY, specialized, pharmacy, perfumery, gas station, bakery, tobacco store, duty-free, etc. Our mystery shopping expertise enables us to perform both announced and anonymous data collections.

Our shelf check researches allow you to adjust your marketing actions and to manage your sales force.