Topo Innov

Validates your innovation before launch

  • Will your innovation be successful?
  • Do consumers think your new packaging is practical?
    Easy to open?
  • Is your packaging efficient vs competition?
  • Do consumers really embrace your next campaign?

Introducing a new offer on the market is a true opportunity.
We at Topo Lab know the stakes and the risks behind this endeavour.
We help you make sure your product launch is successful.

Product test
(new formula, sniff test…)

Packaging Test
Shelf reconstruction

Communication Test
(ad, logo…)

For your product/service/communication tests, we make sure the most efficient innovation is launched based on:

  • Consumer preference
  • Purchase Intention
  • Price perception
  • Product relevance to your brand
  • Perceived efficiency
  • Message understanding...

We advise you about the best plan for your new product, including any potential improvements.

Your innovation receives the support from consumers in order to convince retailers.